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About this project

iView MediaPro was an award-winning commercial digital asset management (DAM) application for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems, created by London-based iView Multimedia. In 2006 the company was acquired by Microsoft, who relaunched the product as Microsoft Expression Media.

The iView web site acted as a sales site for prospective buyers and as an ongoing support resource for longstanding users of the application. Over its four year life this version of the site was enhanced to meet the needs of both types of users through the addition of product downloads, a user forum, video tutorials and support documentation.

A rigorous search engine optimization program served to significantly boost visitor numbers and sales, while ongoing dialogue with the user base and respective site improvements strengthened the loyalty of our community and correspondingly the number of product upgrades sold.

What Tim did

• Web site design
• Web site coding & production
• MySQL database integration
• SEO & pay per click (PPC) optimization


HTML, PHP, Flash, MySQL, JavaScript, SSL, E-Commerce

Showcased work

  • Softpress Systems web site design & production
  • WaterAid CD-ROM and brochure design
  • iView Multimedia web site design & production
  • Design for print - iView Multimedia exhibition, print, sales & marketing materials
  • Christians in Property web site design
  • Edward Symmons & Partners web site design
  • Jane Robbins, Collage Artist web site design
  • Client application user interface design
  • Interactive design - Australian High Commission touch screen kiosk