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Jane Robbins, Collage Artist

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About this project

Jane Robbins is a Sussex based collage artist who produces work using a diverse range of materials that allows her to explore form and colour within her work. Influenced by the surrounding countryside she produces commissions, prints and framed work that is both clean and elegant.

Jane came to us looking for a redesign of her existing site which needed a rethink both in design and usability. The resulting site is clear, uncluttered and gives Jane's work room to express itself. The site has been designed to use responsive techniques meaning it will adapt seamlessly to work equally well on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

On the back end the site is powered by a content management system (CMS) and specialised events management system that allows Jane to update the site whenever she wants from either a desktop or mobile web browser.

What Tim did

•Web site design
•Created responsive CSS stylesheets
•Installed and set up the CMS and events system


HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, CSS

Showcased work

  • Softpress Systems web site design & production
  • WaterAid CD-ROM and brochure design
  • iView Multimedia web site design & production
  • Design for print - iView Multimedia exhibition, print, sales & marketing materials
  • Christians in Property web site design
  • Edward Symmons & Partners web site design
  • Jane Robbins, Collage Artist web site design
  • Client application user interface design
  • Interactive design - Australian High Commission touch screen kiosk