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User Experience

A cross-platform rich media picker for Expression Media See more: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

About this project

As the sole user experience designer for Microsoft Expression Media and previously for iView MediaPro Tim has played a key role in optimizing the usabilty of these two applications. By taking a task-based and a user-centric approach to the design of new features and resolution of users’ issues, he has developed intuitive interface solutions that empower users to quickly master the application and fully utilize its capabilities.

From talking to users about the pain points in their work, creating wireframe mockups of workflows, right through to writing specs and creating assets, Tim creates solutions that minimize impediments to users’ productivity.

What Tim did

• Usability research and analysis
• Wireframing
• Pixel perfect user interface mockups
• Icon design & creation
• Feature ownership and spec creation


HTML, PHP, Flash, MySQL, JavaScript, SSL, E-Commerce

Showcased work

  • Softpress Systems web site design & production
  • WaterAid CD-ROM and brochure design
  • iView Multimedia web site design & production
  • Design for print - iView Multimedia exhibition, print, sales & marketing materials
  • Christians in Property web site design
  • Edward Symmons & Partners web site design
  • Jane Robbins, Collage Artist web site design
  • Client application user interface design
  • Interactive design - Australian High Commission touch screen kiosk