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About this project

Softpress Systems is a small, UK based, Mac software development company with huge aspirations and an even larger following. Back in 1997 they introduced their multi award-winning application Freeway to the world and in doing so turned the world of web design upside down.

Freeway is a visual web design application applowing non-coders to create (and excel) in a market dominated by code, three letter acronyms and secrets web developers would rather you didn't know.

As Creative Director at Softpress Tim was responsible for the overall vision and messaging of the Softpress web site, press ads, and other marketing materials.

The current site was built using freeway itself and enhanced with custom plug-ins (Actions) that add new functionality to the site.

In a market where Softpress are talking to other design professionals the message and visual identity needed to be clean, direct and above all aspirational as many visitors had, to that point, felt intimidated by the prospect of getting into web design.

What Tim did

• Web site design
• Custom plug-in (Action) creation
• Support KnowledgeBase integration
• SEO & pay per click (PPC) optimization


HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, SSL, E-Commerce

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Showcased work

  • Softpress Systems web site design & production
  • WaterAid CD-ROM and brochure design
  • iView Multimedia web site design & production
  • Design for print - iView Multimedia exhibition, print, sales & marketing materials
  • Christians in Property web site design
  • Edward Symmons & Partners web site design
  • Jane Robbins, Collage Artist web site design
  • Client application user interface design
  • Interactive design - Australian High Commission touch screen kiosk